Sunday, November 30, 2008

Poppa got a Brand New Bag.....Kanye's Newest Eye Candy

According to MTV, my Chi-Town brother Kanye West has a new love interest. Just a couple of days after West's 808's and Heartbreaks, was released the media has revealed that he is lonely after splitting with his ex-girlfriend Alexis Phiefer, now he is reportedly dating 19 year old model Sessilee Lopez. Sessilee is of Portugese and Dominican descent and was hand picked by Kanye to star in the third installment of his Flashing Lights video.
According to her publicity team, Mr. West has to put in alot of work to win her heart as she is being courted by one of the finest and richest men Hollywood has to offer *Haters, start Hating NOW*. One publication even claims that she has a boyfriend already, but is quite fond of Kanye”. As for the reason behind his split with Alexis, he allegedly was too obsessed with his career at the time and felt that her need to spend more time with him was “selfish”….Wow, isn't that the Coldest. Damn Yeezy
source: MTV, UK,

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