Saturday, April 4, 2009

Breaking Da Band.....

Well, on Thursday night it was another Drama filled episode of Breaking Da Band, I know it's called Making the Band, but I like my name better. These fellas are beginning to find out about the hardships and trials that you go thur once you get a lil fame and money.

On Thursday's episode Que once again is feeling threaten by his group members, reasons as to why Que feels like this is unknown to his group memebers, hell even his Momma has no idea why he is actin out. It all started when Robert was having a conversation with Que about the direction of management within Day 26. While Q and Robert are having their convo, everybody is listening in, when Q begins to act out as he has done many times this season with the group. Q begins to tell Brian that you played me for the camera's dog, you played me. From there a full all out Fight breaks out. They begin to fight just like Diddy's 1st making the band, in the studio with their manager right there. As the fighting continues they are tryin to break it all up,but nobody is backing down. In the midst of it all Robert begins to CRY, and I mean CRY.

While Brian is full of adrenaline, Willie trys to calm him down in the parking lot, but he refuses to and vows to give Q the ass whipping that he deserves!

Robert crys while he walks down the street with a full production crew following him, as he sees his Dream, his career slowly going down the drain. During the fight Robert also hollers out that, "we are not Danity Kane", and "who wants to fight, who you B*tch A$$ Ni@@a".

It's sad what is going on with Day 26, these men will end up being like all the other groups on Diddy's label, broke, homeless, and jobless. What these men are not seeing is that every move you make is being watched, still. They don't realize is as quickly as your dream came true it will be taken away even quicker.

Hopefully this was something the show created to get more ratings and not Day 26's reality

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