Sunday, April 5, 2009

Ebony Bones....Who is she?

I was on this blog ConcreteHoney(, and saw this colorfull pictures that she used to highlight in her Bright Week. I was wondering who was the girl in the bright tights and loud make up, so I did a little in investgating. Her name is Ebony Thomas also known as Ebony Bones a singer-songwriter, British actress, and record producer. She has performed live at the Glastonbury Festival in June 07, with her hit single We Know All About U. She has had several hits in the British Music Industry.
Ebony Bones was just recently showcased by Rolling Stone with her 7 piece band at the South by Southwest Festival in Austin, TX.
I like this girl, she seems a different especially iwith her style, but its great that she's not conforming to the industry standard of showing more than half your body, leaving nothing for the imagination anymore. She looks like she marches to the beat of her own drummer, like another British singer Estelle.

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