Sunday, March 29, 2009

Diary of a Tired Black Man............

This will be a weekly posting about How Black Men are so Tired of Us Black Women. I don't know if ya have had the time to see this new movie/documentary about how and why Black Men are so Fed up with Us!!

This movie goes into how the husband is pushed and forced in a corner with his marriage, to eventually start dating White Women. Now every Black Man in America always says that Black Women are to controlling, demanding, noisy, know it all's, who think they know whats best. Now as a Black Woman who will proudly admit to being a Woman who is demanding and aggressive, I don't try to be noisy but it has come off that way. And being semi noisy has led me to lose in alot of relationships.

Black Men constantly say that Black Women are stubborn and stuck in their ways and they Funny thing is that alot of them are stuck too.......It has been some women out here that have just allowed their man or the ni**a that they are dealing with to make all the decisions and be in control of everything, so when they meet a woman who doesn't allow them full control she is demanding & a Bi*ch most of all. What these men don't understand is that the reason this woman is like this stems from her childhood, her family up bringing with women. Most Black Women were brought up to be strong, to be able to run a household, to be the Healer so when put into a position where it's not an Essential Role, there will be some form of Conflict. Correct, if you don't agreed please tell me why?

This is part 1 of many commentaries that I will be discussing with you guys.

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