Monday, March 16, 2009

Poppa's Got a Brand New Bag.....Again, Kanye's Newest Eye Candy

Well it is offical that Kanye West and his Sexy BlondeBaldie are Together. Even though rumors were circulating that this was for publicity and that there was nothing real about them, but to everyone's dismay they are the for real Deal!! This Hot couple has been spotted on the town at every major event, concert, party, etc. Anytime Kanye and Sexy Blonde are spotted she is Fierce I must admit it myself. She makes me want to color my hair back Blonde again to see how much action I can get again.....
Anyway Sexy blonde has openly admitted to being a bisexual, which is good so now they don't have to embrass her ass with those questions from TMZ and other gossip mags and sites. I think that its good that Kanye has a girl in his life again. Someone that kinda weird like him, so they balance each other out.

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