Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Does B Still Have It

Many people are beginning to ask themselves one little question, "Does Beyonce Still Have It", well according to radio reports and news blogs she doesn't. The Infamous Diva has had a decline in ticket sales for her current concert and low album sales with her new cd I am Sasha Fierce, has the public wondering do she still got it. Apparently tickets sales are so low that they have been dropped down to a whoping $20 bucks to go see the Baddest Entertainer around. I guess times must be hard if the music industry has finally started taking a hit.

I am not really into Beyonce all that must so this is not something that will make me run out and buy a ticket to her next show. This will not hurt Beyonce's pockets one bit, so I personally could care less. Hopefully she will bounce back like she always does and will continue her Rain on top as usual.

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