Monday, March 16, 2009

Rhianna's Weekend Away from Beaten Down Brown

Rhianna was spotted out and about in New York this past weekend at Village Da Silvano, looking Fabolous and back to the old Rhianna. Thank God that she is getting back into the game. Unlike all those other Fake Women out there, I will admit to being a woman with a Mouth & wanting to know what my Man is doing. So that is what Rhianna is really gulity of she just went about getting her information the wrong if she's like me she probably hit Chris 1st, not thinking he was gonna hit her back, but this days guys don't go by that rule of don't hit a Girl. They will clean hit you like you someone on the streets these days. So ladies watch your Tongue with the words you said and watch em hands, cause they not playin.

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