Friday, March 20, 2009

Just Like Me......

Why is that they, meaning these Handsome, Intelligent, Goal Oriented, Smooth Talkers are able to Lie & Hoe Around , but if you do anything remotely close to what this Ni**a is doing you are considered a HOE, Slut, or some type of degrading name. Now the picture that I have posted up is the Legendary Karrine "SuperHead"Steffans, now because of her wild and bold acts of sex, she has been exploited into the rap music industry's "HOE". Now I am not in anyway shape or form condoning what this woman has done in the privacy of her bedroom, but what you do is really suppose to be what you do not everybody & they momma business. It's just funny that every guy that is in the music industry has done just about everything that she has done & nobody is calling them no names like tramp, skank, or skeezier.

Now I know everybody has heard that Jamie Foxx song "Just Like Me", which is the theme song for a recipe to BS. I like that song don't get me wrong, but it's just funny how these men believe that it is okay to have their cake and eat it to as the old saying goes. Why does he get to have 4 -6 women that he is dealing with on some different level of a relationship? Damn near every man I know is not trying to have a committed relationship with no one woman. Their thoughts are their are so many of ya'll out here, why be with just one when their are plently to sasify what I want.

So again I ask you why is she considered a HOE.....because instead of playing games like a man would she keeps it real with whats she's about and how she gets down.

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