Friday, May 8, 2009

Just Let him Be.....

According to online reports, Oscar winner Jennifer Hudson recently proposed to her fiance, David “Punk” Otunga, and presented him with a personally designed 5-carat Neil Lane engagement ring worth more than you and I make in a year.

The problem with this news is twofold: first, Punk already proposed to Jennifer 5 months ago; and second, her actions smacks of desperation.

It is never romantic for a woman to reverse the man’s role. Punk has already proposed to Jennifer. So now she needs to concentrate on planning her upcoming nuptials with the help of her sistah girls — instead of buying him expensive trinkets and making a grand show of proposing to him.

Ladies, play your role. Stay in your lane. YOU be the woman and let HIM be the man. The problem with black women today is that we’ve reversed the roles by raising our boys to be bitches instead of men. We coddle these boys, look the other way when they’re bad, and encourage their total disrespect towards other women because of our own self-hate issues.

The only way I can co-sign J-Hud’s behavior is if she knows her fiance is on the down low, and she wants to treat him like the queen that he is — then this would all make sense. Otherwise, her behavior is all wrong and reflects the wrong image of strong black men.

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